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Your Ancient Relationship With Flowers

Your Ancient Relationship With Flowers

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”

   Walter Hagen

Mankind’s fascination with flowers is as old as time itself. They have always been in search for the best flowers nature can offer to beautify themselves and their homes. Whether it was the coronation of a King, or a wedding of a prince, unique flower arrangements and bouquets have always had a part in celebrations and decorations.

The tide of time hasn’t changed much in the current times where urbanization and tight schedules have taken people away from nature. Flowers remain in fashion; thanks to the flower companies and florist shops who make sure that people get the best flowers for their special moments and occasions.

There are also some specific reasons why flowers will remain a significant element in human lives. We’ll discuss some of them below:

Nature Is Not Changing Itself

No matter how much change is induced by humans, Nature won’t change its course. Nature will keep offering the best flowers and humans will instinctively remain in search for the best ones. With time though, the adaptability trait of mankind came up with the concept of floral shops and flower companies which come in handy in providing floral services. They have a range of the best flowers so that you can pick the options according to your taste.

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Flowers: Part of Religious Experiences Cultural, Social & Religious Experiences

Flowers have always been a part of religious rituals and cultural events. So flowers will always be in demand. Every marriage ceremony, no matter which religion you follow or even if you are not following one, has an involvement of flowers in its proceedings. Bouquets will always be given to the bride and groom, and a variety of the best flowers will always be used for the decoration of the venue.

In the same manner, in times of grief, flowers provide some necessary catharsis. Flower wreaths are used to honor the deceased. Bouquets are used as a gesture of well wishes for patients. Many more examples can be given to signify the impact and place of flowers in our social, cultural and religious lives and why floral shops and flower companies will always be our guide and help to get things done.

Flowers: Part of Organic Revival

In the abundance of all man-made items, the exclusivity of nature becomes more prominent and when nature comes in the form of the best flowers around, the attraction increases manifolds.  

There have been conscious efforts made to revive all things natural. So even if humans are developing artificial intelligence, they still need the soft touch, glowing color and fragrance of a flower to inspire them.  

It has been established that flowers will remain a part of our lives and we will continue to need the best flowers and good floral shops and flower companies to get our flower needs sorted out.  FlowerToy is here to give you the best and most unique flower arrangements designed by professional floral artists according to the design that you choose.  You can get in touch with us by calling 561-445-6886.

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