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What Birthday Flowers Are In During Summers?

What Birthday Flowers Are In During Summers?

Let’s start with a rule of thumb: Summer birthday flowers should evoke the feeling of the warm sunny days with bold scents. Bright greens, buttery yellow, and lovely purples flowers pay homage to this carefree season of the year. For picking the best birthday flowers for a birthday party, you should read on to find out the most suitable ones during the summer. At the end of this article, we will also inform you about how to buy a unique flower gift for the birthday boy or girl with a custom happy birthday flower message.

Tips on Selecting the Best Birthday Flower in Summer

The summer season is great for beach and other outdoor parties. For the birthdays held on the beach, an arch adorned with beautiful flowers is recommended. Beach inspired bouquets decorated with seashells will reflect a seashore vibe.  

When it comes to selecting the best birthday flowers, you have many options. 

Here are just some of the flowers that you should pick for the bouquet gift.


Chrysanthemums are one of the most functional and classic flowers used in bouquets.  Chrysanthemums available in almost every color.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They can be used in arrangements to add accents, mass, interesting shape, or texture. 


Aster can easily brighten up a person and bring a smile to the face. The tough perennials thrive during the summers. They bloom with splendor nonstop until the fall season. You can select white, pink, or lavender birthday flower for the bouquet. The birthday flower has unique health benefit as well.  


Marigold is another perfect birthday flower for the summer season. The flower is available in orange, bright warm yellow color. The flowers can cheer up the person and create the most pleasant effect on the mood, particularly during the summers. An interesting point about these birthday flowers is that they can be savored as juice by adding water and honey.  


Verbena is available in different colors. The spreading flower creates a cascading appearance.

 You can plant them in pots, boxes, or include in a bouquet of unique flower arrangements. You can add a cluster of these beauties in a bouquet consisting of other flowers or make a bouquet solely consisting of this flower. Either way, it will make a great floral gift for birthdays.  

Black-eyed Susan

The black-eyed Susan is a common wildflower. The flower remains a welcoming sight that brightens up the mood. The tough, golden beauties are perfect make are prevalent during the summers. They may liven up a summer themed bouquet.

Blanket Flower

Blanket flower is yet another great flower to gift during the summers. The cheerful looking flower will add to the beauty of any bouquet of unique flower arrangements. The flower consists of red petals with yellow trims.


Lantana comes is a large variety of colors. The flower is available in yellow, red, orange, purple, and pink colors. The flower bloom during the summers and are particularly draft tolerant. They are ideal summer flower that can make a heartfelt impression on the birthday boy or girl.

The above are the perfect flowers that can liven up any bouquet consisting of unique flower arrangements.  A unique twist to the flower gift is personalized flower toys. Flowertoy has a team of talented artists who can design a unique, one-of-a-kind flower gift with happy birthday flower message. We can create a flower gift of any shape, size, and design. You can browse through our collection of flower gift or order a unique gift with personalized happy birthday flower message.

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