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6 Ways Flowertoy Is The Perfect Unique Gift

6 Ways Flowertoy Is The Perfect Unique Gift

6 Ways Flowertoy Is The Perfect Unique Gift

Flower shaped bears that will delight anyone

Have you ever received a teddy bear as a gift? How about a flower bouquet? Maybe a box of chocolates? Is it not one of the sweetest ways of showing appreciation, love and kindness to practically anyone and everyone? Well here’s a gift that is actually more than just a teddy bear. It is also more than just a flower bouquet. It is a special gift called–A Flowertoy! These flawless flowers are the most unique gift that you could give or receive to or from a friend, a significant other, family members, or even coworkers.

Here is why a flower shaped bear will bring joy to just about anyone.

Flowertoys are:

  1. Unique

Think about what kind of gifts you usually receive. Maybe on Christmas, your birthday, your anniversary, a break up or a surprise party. Sometimes the gifts that we receive don’t fit us, if they are clothes, or maybe you do not receive a gift. Well, Flowertoy is a new form of a gift. This idea is fairly new and because it has not dated back to centuries ago, it can be looked at as a modern and more unique way of saying those special words to someone who we care for. By giving the gift of these perfect flowers, the special person receiving them will be able to experience how we feel towards them. The fresh smell of the flowers, the bright colors, the incredible design and the creativity of this gift will be unforgettable.

  1. The perfect gift for various occasions

15 special occasions in which a Flowertoy has been made for have been:

  • Wedding gifts
  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays
  • Valentines Day
  • For Baby Showers
  • For Elephant lovers
  • Dog lovers
  • Cat lovers
  • Rat lovers
  • Penguin lovers
  • Horse lovers
  • Barbie lovers
  • Proposals
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • And more!

Decorations are also a great suggestion for flowertoys. If you want a more unique look at a party or reunion of any kind, these flowertoys will come in handy and you will have every guest in awe. What a brilliant idea that would be. The flowers could match the theme of your choosing and will go well with just about anything. You could even have the special person or guest take it home as a gift.

  1. Serves as a great reminder of love and appreciation

Although holidays do exist, and special occasions do too, sometimes it is nice to receive a gift on a random day of the week. Surprises lead to great joy and happiness. It always nice to hear that someone loves and cares about us.


Sometimes life catches you off guard and you regret those little things you didn’t do. That is why it is crucial to spend time with those you love the most and let them know how important they are to you. At times you regret the words you didn’t say or the small but very significant and unforgettable gifts that you never had time to give. Its best to do things earlier than never. But don’t let those thoughts stop you, next time you have free time, or have a chance to free some time, plan a dinner with family or close friends, or maybe take your parents or siblings out to eat. Any form of kindness shows how much you love and value others. This Flowertoy is one great way to show just about anyone that you value them. Often we are asked what we want as a gift and now that you have learned more about this unique gift, it will be easier for you to add the Flowertoy to your gift list.

It is also very fulfilling to gift yourself every once in a while. Have you ever gone on a shopping spree? Maybe this happened when you were having a bad day. Maybe you went sky diving to kill some stress and feel a little bit more grounded. Well, these flower bouquets are perfect for when you need an extra lift, or when you just want to smile a little more!

  1. Customizable based on preference

Whether you prefer yellow, pink, blue or purple, this gift will appeal to your personal taste. Flowertoys come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The animal doesn’t necessarily have to be a bear, it can also be a puppy, cat, turtle, snail, or a letter. There are even barbie doll versions of the Flowertoy. Not only that, but they also come as male or female!

  1. Exceptional Service

The service at Flowertoy is extremely great. The website provides many images and details of the possible Flowertoys available at your fingertips. Flowertoy gifts arrive hydrated and will not require immediate attention. However, it would be advised to maintain at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Like all things, you do want to care for your flowers and made sure they stay well maintained. The quality and service is worth every penny.

Remember that this unique gift will last you for a while, as long as you follow instructions.

  1. Unforgettable Experience

Have you ever heard anyone say that memories are worth more than things? Well in this case, receiving or even giving these unique gifts is a unique experience that will never be forgotten. The pictures will last forever, and everybody will remember the color, the shape, the event and the person who bought, gave and received them.

Rather than giving just any gift, and usually having to guess what the person receiving the gift will truly want or maybe just accept or enjoy, by purchasing a Flowertoy, it is actually easier for you and the person receiving it. Because it can be molded into so many different shapes colors and sizes, it is perfect for anyone! So give the perfect gift for the perfect person without hesitation.

More suggestions can be found on the website at or you can feel free to inquire about Flowertoy by calling us at (561) 445-6886. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and creating your personalized unique flower bouqet!



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