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Summer 2017: Guide To Flowers

Summer 2017: Guide To Flowers

Flowers always work as a tonic to improve anyone’s mood. It is very difficult to remain in a bad mood around beautiful and the best flowers. In summers, when the sun shines along with beautiful blooms, it is very calming to surround yourself with some of the best flowers that the season offers. You can also visit florist shops to get an idea about the range of flowers available in the summer.

Here, we will try to give you some suggestions about the beautiful flowers you can find for decorative purposes in the summer weather.


Dahlia is a magenta colored flower with small petals arranged naturally in a ball pattern. They are the best flowers to place in natural light because a bunch of Dahlias with a play of light on their light colored petals is a treat to watch. You can easily find them at any florist shop.   


Chrysanthemums, also known as ‘mums’, are one of the prettiest varieties of perennials that start blooming early in the fall. Used as both cut flowers and blooming plants, their colors include pink, yellow, red, white, bronze, magenta and purple. Find the many different forms of flower at your local flower shop.


Yarrow is a very small flower in its diameter with its petals connected to each other. Yarrow is supposed to be the best flower used in decorations in the summer season. They mostly come in light yellow and white color. You can ask any floral shop for them or you can order these flowers online.


These gorgeous flowers, sometimes called white roses, adorned in full white, are a classic summer flower. A bouquet of Gardenia flowers is the best summer present because not only are they beautifully shaped with a soothing color, but they also have a very pleasant fragrance, making them unique.


These tube shaped flowers are white from the inside, gradually fusing into pink. The combination of pink and white looks very refreshing. Due to their long stems, they are the best flowers to put in a vase and place on your balcony or entrance. 


Zinnia is the gift of the summer. These round sponge-shaped flowers come in different colors. The bunch of them looks very soft and pleasant to the eyes. If you want to brighten your balcony or terraces, order these flowers online or contact any flower company or florist shop.

Shasta daisy

These flowers have a very fascinating resemblance with daisies. These small flowers with their distinctive white petals and mud yellow carpel are the best flowers to be a part of decorations with a white color theme. Any florist shop can entertain your order of Shasta daisy.


This beautiful summer flower comes in purple and pink colors. It has paper-like petals and has a rapid branched growth which makes it the best flower to decorate fences or any standing structure in your house which is exposed to sunlight. You can also plant them in a pot and place them wherever you want. You can ask florist shops or flower companies to get Bougainvillea for you. Their florists will help you to decide the place which will be suitable for this flower.

There are many other summer flowers as well that can make your summer livelier with their presence. Need to present a gift to a flower lover? Get all the information you need from FlowerToy. We are a flower company where you can order the best flower presents online. You can also get the expert advice of our professional florists as per your gifting needs. You can call us at 561-445-6886.

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