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A Unique Gift
They Will Never Forget

Petal Pals are the best of the best. These are not just an interesting bouquet of flowers, these unique arrangements are characters that everyone loves. With every Petal Pal being hand crafted with fresh flowers, they instantly convey the love and care that is put into every unique arrangement.

Befriend the Petal Pals today they are sure to create smiles.

Petal Pals

The best flower are the made to convey your love

The Flowershop, excited to meet you and your guest and make any occasion. The purpose of these arrangements, whether they are Bears, Puppies and Barbies, is to make your day and the day of those who receive this marvelous and unforgettable gift. 

Every Petal Pal is hand-carved, cut, and crafted by our floral artists.  We believe in producing something that goes beyond the traditional bouquet and truly conveys the amount of care and passion we put into each of our arrangements. We have FlowerToys for nearly every occasion, and many beautiful designs to give any time.

Popular Arrangements

Blossom Bear Collection

Anywhere from Anniversaries, Mothers Days, Weddings, and Graduations to Father’s day flowers; Blossom Bears are the ones for you! They can be customized for the person that they are going to. You can change their shape, size, and color too!

Request A Design

With each of our arrangements being custom-made, we are able to accommodate most requests!

Fill out our form to request a custom arrangement!

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