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Personalized Presents for All Occasions

Personalized Presents for All Occasions

Giving gifts and presenting someone with an item that will probably become a lasting memory is a deeply pleasurable experience, both for the giver as well as the receiver. For the former, it is the feeling of giving someone a piece of themselves, of letting the other person have something that you thought of, which brings immense joy. And for the latter, it is the feeling of receiving something heartfelt, which brings about happiness.

The Personalized Gift VS The Generic Gift

When it comes to giving something to someone that will make a deeply rooted impression on them, in a positive way, there are many ways to go. You could offer words of encouragement or a verbal message that conveys your feelings. You could do them a long-awaited favor, to show that you care. Or you could present them with something they will remember you by; long after it has been given.

A personalized gift is often the best way to go because unique gifts are better remembered, as compared to something that is generic and common.  Although it is said that the thought counts most of all, creative gifts that show some depth of thought are better in the way that they relay more of the emotion that is behind the gift.

The Personalized Gift VS The Over-The-Top Expensive Gift

A very well followed gift-giving trend is to buy the most expensive gift that you can afford and present it to a person on an occasion. While the ‘thought that counts’ rule applies over here as well, it just goes to show that the value of the gift was higher than the value of the person, because if not then some
handmade presents or custom made presents would have sufficed, and not cost as much incidentally.

Other than that, the very concept of custom made presents or unique gifts is to give something is uncommon and very close to the heart; in other words, very personal to them. Whereas the expensive gift may seem like you are simply trying to show off, or one-up another gift giver.

Are Personalized Gifts Suitable for All Occasions?

Some occasions, especially the traditional ones such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Halloween, demand gifts be given. But while the more traditional gifts, which may also be mass produced such as toys and clothes, are compulsory, they can also be modified in such a way, so as to make them personalized.

Personalized Christmas Gift

Christmas is one of those occasions when gifts are a must, because if they are not given, then it is going against tradition, and people may get upset! However, a Christmas gift can very easily be made into a personalized offering. For example, if you are buying gifts for flower lovers; instead of buying them a run-of-the-mill bouquet, you can purchase unique flower gifts such as flower arrangements in the shape of an animal or toy.

These flower arrangements will not only show that you care, but also that you value the person’s taste, and have a unique taste yourself.

Personalized Hanukkah Gift

Hanukkah is less known for the gifts and more for the spirit of the occasion. Nevertheless, it is traditional to buy presents for your loved ones. However, there are not that many things you can buy a person for Hanukkah, which would be specifically Hanukkah-centered.

A personalized Hanukkah gift however, could be just the thing to give to a loved one, as not only can it be molded to reflect the period itself, but it can deliver a lot of joy to the receiver in terms of personal satisfaction.

Personalized Halloween Gift

Halloween is perhaps the only occasion where customization is the name of the game, especially when it comes to gift-giving! But even here, there are some presents that are simply too overdone and boring to accurately portray the feelings behind the gift. This is why a personalized Halloween gift work best, as it can both say how you feel while carrying a close, personal message into it.

Personalized Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Special occasion presents are a necessary and integral part of the occasions themselves. This is because of the spirit of giving, which is contained inside each of those occasions. Keeping this is mind, it is simply better to extend a token of appreciation, love and gratitude which is closer to the person’s heart. For example, if you know someone who loves flowers, instead of giving them a bouquet or a bunch of flowers, you could give them an arrangement of flowers in the shape of an animal such as an elephant or teddy bear.

Teddy bear gifts, especially when the bear is handcrafted with flowers instead of the usual materials, can make for a beautiful and uplifting expression of love and appreciation. The teddy bear itself is seen as a symbol of childlike innocence and affection, which could very well be translated into a more mature token of affection by having a teddy bear constructed out of flowers.

You too can get just such a token for all your friends, family and loved ones from Flowertoy, who offer handmade presents, made from flowers, in the shape of toys and animals. The idea of a globally adored symbol of childhood, made from flowers, which are the global symbol of love and friendship, makes for the most wonderful present, especially when it is personalized and customized.

What’s more, Flowertoy makes an entire range of gifts in the shape of much-loved characters and toys, with different themes such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, birthdays etc. Not only do you get a more personal and heartfelt message with the gift, but you then get to remember and cherish the memory forever.

To order your own customized present, contact Flowertoy at, or call at 561-445-6886, to make sure that your loved ones never forget the affection and appreciation you have for them.

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