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How to Select the Best Flowers for Different Occasions
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How to Select the Best Flowers for Different Occasions

Selecting the right flowers for an occasion is not easy at all. There are lots of questions that you must take into account, such as: what flowers should I order from the flower company? Should I order a white or a purple flower from the flower shop? Will rose or hibiscus serve as the perfect birthday flowers?

A lot many factors should be considered when it comes to the perfect flower arrangement for the bouquet or room decoration. Knowing the connotation of different flower colors and types can help in ordering the right flowers from the flower shop.  

In this article, we will guide you to select the perfect flowers suitable for different types of occasion. You should bookmark this page to get back to the article easily for tips about flower arrangements you should request from the flower shop.  


For birthdays, you should choose a flower that signifies trust and friendship. Different flowers are suitable for different types of birthday months. Here is a list of birthday months and suitable flowers that you should order from the flower company.


  • January – Red Carnations, Snowdrop
  • February – Violet, purple flower
  • March – Daffodil, Jonquil
  • April – Sweetpea, daisy
  • May – Hawthorn, Lilly
  • June – Honeysuckle, Rose
  • July – Water lily, larkspur
  • August – Poppy, Gladiolas
  • September – Morning Glory, aster
  • October – Cosmos, Calendula
  • November –  Chrysanthemum
  • December – Holly, Narcissus
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Keep in mind that yellow colors are great for friends instead of giving it to significant other. It symbolizes joy and optimism. Red is a more suitable color for giving to partners and loved ones.  


Keep in mind that there are specific flowers that must be included in the bouquet that you order from the flower shop. Daisy is the right flower for the bouquet ordered from a flower company for the 5th anniversary. For 10th anniversary bouquet, the right flower is a daffodil. Rose is great for the 15th anniversary, while aster should be included in the bouquet for the 20th anniversary.  

The mainstay, and also the fail safe flowers include pink or red roses. You can order these flowers that represent passion and love from a flower company for any anniversary year. However, avoid adding yellow flowers to the bouquet as they represent friendship rather than love. Also, yellow carnations are not recommended for the anniversary as it represents disappointment. Iris and lily are safe flowers that you can order from the flower company for the anniversary.  

Get Well Flower Gifts

Whether the recipient is your friend or your loved one, a flower will bring a smile on the face and contribute to speedy recovery. In case you are giving the get-well flower gift to a person in the hospital, you should avoid ordering flowers from a flower shop that are highly fragrant as it disturbs other patients. Instead, you should buy an assortment of non-scented flowers including gladioli, irises, and tulips. For people confined to their home, you can give bright, vibrant and fragrant flowers such as marigold, plumeria, tuberose, viburnum, and sweet autumn clematis.

Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are suitable for sending to a funeral home. They serve as a tribute to the dead person. The size of the flowers that you order from the flower shop can vary; however, the flower arrangements should be formal and elaborate. Good candidates for the funeral flowers include lilies, white roses, and chrysanthemums.  

You should remember the importance of colors when selecting a flower from the flower shop. Orange and red are not suitable for funerals as they represent energy, vitality, and life. They are more appropriate for celebrating life instead of mourning the departed. The right colors for funeral include white, blue, and green. These colors represent humility, calmness, and peace. They are also comforting during sad times.  

Sympathy for a Loss

If you are ordering a flower gift from a flower company as a gesture of sympathy for the loss of someone, you should select specific flowers that are suitable for the occasion. The flowers for sympathy are generally smaller than funeral flowers. Generally, bright and colorful flower arrangements are appropriate to cheer up the mouring person. Flowers arrangements that can invoke the feeling of hope and cheer up a person include a combination of roses, daisies, and lilies.  

Mother’s Day

Giving a bouquet or a flower gift to your mother is a surefire way to cheer her up. The best flowers for the mother’s day that you can order from a flower company include any colors that symbolize the passion, cheerfulness, admiration, and love of mothers. Some good candidates for the mother’s day include red carnations, pink carnations and gerbera daisies.  

Holiday Season

The most common flowers that are usually given during the holidays such as Hanukkah, Christmas, and others include amaryllis, red poinsettia, and paperwhites. These flowers should be ordered from the flower shop as they symbolize the wish for success.  

Appreciation Gifts

Ordering flowers from a flower company for showing appreciation to another person is a great idea. You can buy a flower gift from a flower company for your teacher, therapist, psychologist, or a social worker who had touched your life in a special way.   

Remember that there is no one best flower that is suitable for appreciation gifts. Instead, you should order a flower gift from the flower company after asking the recipient beforehand about favorite flowers. Having said all that, safe flowers that can be ordered from a flower company include lilies, carnations, and daisies.  

Flowertoy offers unique flower gifts in the form of different flower arrangements. You can order a flower from the flower company based on your preference and style. The flower company has a team of talented and experienced flower artists who can hand carve a flower gift based on your specific requirements. Every flower selected for the flower gift is ordered fresh that will bloom for more than a week after the purchase. If you want to know more about the flower gifts offered by the flower company, you can dial 561-445-6886. Whatever the occasion, you can order a flower gift from us that will make a great impression on the recipient.  

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