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The Benefits of Giving Emoji Toys as Birthday Gift

The Benefits of Giving Emoji Toys as Birthday Gift

Wondering what to get your loved one on their upcoming birthday? When it comes to birthdays, emoji toys are trending these days particularly for tweenagers. In this article, we will look at why emoji toys are the best gifts that you can present to your birthday boy or girl.

Why Consider Giving Emoji Toys as Gift?

Emojis seems to be everywhere. They are on commercials, the internet, and flooding our day-t-day conversations. According to Swyft Media, an estimated 6 billion emojis are sent every day. Another firm found that 92 percent of the online communication is done using emojis. Now they are available even in the form of emoji toys.

Also known as emoticons, emojis usually appear in the form of smiley faces, but they can be in the form of any symbols such as a wink, a frown, or even an angry face. What’s best about emojis is that they can help set the tone of the message or emphasise an idea or point.

Emojis gifts are the perfect present for tweenagers. Toys with contrasting colors are particularly recommended as they help develop the vision. They can also look particularly appealing the child develop hand-eye coordination and develop motor skills. The emojis can also be accompanied with texts as well. You can order a custom made gift kid containing a message such as Well Done, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, and much more.

Custom Designed Flower Emojis

Flowertoy has a team of talented artists who can custom design a flower toy in the form of emojis. The experts can develop any type of emojis in the form of elaborate flower arrangements. The toys can be customized according to the message you want to communicate on your loved one’s birthday.. You can have the flower toy engraved with a custom message. The opportunities are limitless when it comes to designing a unique flower gift in the form of emojis.

Our talented experts can help you select the perfect flower arrangements. When it comes to selecting the flowers, you have different types of options. For birthdays, it is recommended that you select flowers that are related to the month in which the child was born. Carnations or snowdrop are considered the birth flower for January. Similarly, violet for February, daffodil for March, daisy for April, Hawthorn for May, Rose for June, Poppy for August, Aster or morning glory for September, Cosmos for October, Chrysanthemum for November, and Holly for December.

Of course, you can also mix it all up. Try giving a different custom design flower gift each year. This will ensure that the recipient won’t get bored receiving the same gift every year. You can order just about any type and design of flower toy for the birthday boy and girl.

For more information on unique and creative custom made presents made of gorgeous flower arrangements in the form of emojis, you can call Flowertoy at 561-445-6886.

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