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Flowers The Ultimate Get Well Gift

Flowers The Ultimate Get Well Gift

Unqiue Flower Arrangments With the Power To Heal

Purpose Beyond The Beauty

Did you know there are many more uses for flower arrangements than to look pretty on a table? One of the best times to get someone a flower arrangement is when they’re under the weather, upset, or need to heal in some way. 

Everyone has had those days that seem to drag on, especially when recovering from an illness or injury. It seems like the entire world around you is difficult to deal with. While most people may not recognize it, a unique flower arrangement can make  huge impact on your recovery. 

It has been an on-going suspicion that being surrounded by or in-contact with nature can increase positive feelings, reduce stress, or even distract from pain relating to a surgery or accident. In a recent study those suspicions have been confirmed.

FlowerToy Get Well Doggy-1194
Our Petal Puppies are the perfect gift to help you heal.

A study conducted by Seong-Hyun park and Richard H Mattson (Researchers from Kansas State University, Department of Horticulture, Recreation and Forestry) has shown significant evidence that contact with plants has direct beneficial effects to a patient’s health. 

It’s been shown that patients who suffer sever stress from a surgery typically experience more intense pain and a longer recovery period.  Currently these symptoms can be treated with the use of anesthetics and analgesics, but these can have side effects as mild as a headache to as extreme as death. Any alternative methods that can provide similar relief would be massively beneficial to millions of patients after surgery. 

When the study was performed, 90 patients were recovery from appendectomy. These patients were randomly assigned to hospital rooms with or without plants during their recovery. According the the data collected, the study showed that patients with plans in the room had notibly fewer dosages of pain medication, a more positive physiological response (lower heart rate / blood pressure) less anxiety, less pain, and less fatigue. Not only were their symptoms less intense, they also showed higher signs of satisfaction with many aspects of their recovery compared to those without the plants.

Helping to Get Well Soon

While all of our unique arrangements are sure to bring some joy and happiness to whomever receives it, we have a collection specifically tailored to encouraging someone’s recovery. 

In our Get Well Soon Collection We offer arrangements of all shapes and sizes to be sure the gift you get is the perfect one. If none of the arrangements in that section seem like the right one, we always welcome your Design Requests so we can create something that is exactly what you want. 

While browsing our catalog, you will also notice that each arrangement page allows you to enter in specific design notes.

We want to create an arrangement that will not only help your recipient feel more positive about their recovery, but also impress them with a gift that is truly unique and truly wonderful. Please be detailed with your request so we can make your unique flower arrangement the perfect get well gift.


Want to learn a little more about the healing power of flowers?

Beyond measurable effects on patients’s recovery, flower essence can also provide other healing effects as well.


Lavender flowers variations contain 39 types of blooming individuals from the mint family with a range reaching out from Africa, India, the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. L. angustifolia, or English lavender, is the species normally utilized for therapeutic purposes, which yields a basic oil broadly utilized as a part of fragrance based treatment. Notwithstanding delivering anxiolytic properties to advance unwinding and actuate rest when breathed in, the oil additionally applies mitigating and germicide impacts when connected topically to the skin. Truth be told, lavender oil, once used to sanitize doctor’s facility surfaces amid World War II, is a viable treatment for smolders, wounds, bug chomps and skin break out.

Chamomile flower heads contain many glycoside flavonoids and other compounds that have displayed multiple beneficial properties. Not only does it contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but it also is a natural histamine blocker and contains a free radical scavenger called chamazulene. 

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