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Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Birthday Gift for Her

Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Birthday Gift for Her

Birthdays are in fact a celebration of life. If the birthday of your girlfriend, wife, or partner is around the corner, you shouldn’t just give her any birthday gift. Instead, it’s better that you give her a unique gift that makes a lasting impression. You should consider giving a birthday gift for which she will remember you, instead of one that will jeopardize your relationship with her. The birthday gift should be one that should turn the frown on your sweetheart’s face upside down.

In this article, we will share a few Do’s and Don’ts that you should consider when giving a special occasion present to that special lady in your life. You should read right to the end if you care deeply about her and want to present something that shows her your true emotions.

Dos to Remember when Buying a Birthday Gift

Do Give Something Even If She Says No Gifts

Everyone irrespective of age, gender, and personality loves to receive a unique gift. Even if she says she doesn’t want any gifts, you should consider giving a special occasion present to her. When women say they don’t want anything, they are just testing you. So, if you really care about your woman, you should buy her a unique gift, even if she says no.

Do Go The Extra Mile To Buy Her A Unique Gift

Avoid presenting any run of the mill present for your loved one. The thoughtfulness that you put in buying a unique gift for her will be highly appreciated. Consider buying a gift card of their favorite shopping store, a custom made special occasion present, a personalized picture frame, or homemade cookies. Anything that shows that you have made an effort in presenting her a gift is sure to make a lasting impression.

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Do Buy Something That Makes Her Feel Special

The unique gift that you buy for your significant other should be something that makes her feel special. This does not mean that you should buy an expensive gold ring or diamonds. You can make her feel like a queen by buying her any inexpensive personalized special occasion present. The birthday gift can be a personalized pair of socks, sweater, or a card, or something made of flowers.  As long as they know that the present is one-of-a-kind, the birthday gift will score you major points.

Do Get The Hint

During a casual stroll to a store, did your partner ever say she would look great in a particular dress? Has your partner revealed her desire to take a cruise to a nearby island? Has she told you how she adores flowers? You should consider taking a ride back to the memory lane and remember any desire, wish, or yearning for anything that only money can buy, and surprise her with the unique gift on her birthday.

Do Give Here A Unique Flower Gift

You won’t go wrong when you buy a unique flower gift for your partner. However, instead of buying a bouquet, you should consider giving her a birthday flower toy made of elaborate flower arrangements. Flowertoy sells unique gifts in the form of beautiful flower arrangements. The company has a team of talented floral artists who can make a unique gift for your lady.

Don’ts to Avoid when Buying a Birthday Gift

Don’t Give A Gift That Is For Actually For You

You should always put the wishes of your significant one in mind when buying a unique gift for the birthday. Avoid buying a special occasion present that is actually for you. Unless she is a huge sports fan you should not buy her tickets to a sports event. The same reasoning goes for buying a movie ticket, video game, pets, or anything else that she has not mentioned before. The special occasion present should be something that is solely for her. It’s her birthday, so the gift should be for her and not you. So that’s a no on that Xbox you wanted to buy her.

Don’t Give Anything That Can Be Taken The Wrong Way

Unless you want to break up with your woman on her birthday, you should never buy a gift that will hurt her feelings. Presenting her diet books, grooming books, a discount gym package, exercise equipment, or a wig is certainly not a good idea. The same goes for discount cards for laser hair removal or eye surgery to get rid of the glasses.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute For A Gift

This is particularly true if you want to buy a unique gift for her. Keep in mind that most personalized gifts require that you make the order a week or two before the birthday. When ordering a unique gift online, make sure that you give enough time to account for product returns or reshipment in case of damaged or defective goods.

Don’t Be A Misogynist

The definition of a unique gift for her does not mean one that is only suitable for her. Most women would not appreciate it if you give them an apron, cooking gloves, or skimpy dresses. Giving her a gift that will be interpreted as abusive is not a wise choice.

Don’t Spend To Feed Your Ego

The last point to remember is that you should avoid giving her something expensive to feed your own ego. There is no need to give her a $1000 spa set. This is particularly the case if the thing that you buy is something that has not been mentioned by your partner before. You should spend money to buy a unique gift that she would want not something to make you look awesome.


The above are some of the tips for making sure that the unique gift makes a great impression on your significant other. For more information on gifts made of flower arrangements, you can contact Flowertoy by dialing

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