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Design the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Design the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Wedding flowers are an essential part of your special day. They set the ambiance, define the color palette, and express your personal sense of style. Flowers come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and styles; and it is up to you to decide how you want to present your special day. Your flowers should reflect your personal style and also match with the décor of the room. Below are some helpful tips in choosing the perfect, unique wedding flowers for your wedding day.

Keep An Eye Out For Trends

Traditional white wedding flowers are timeless, fashionable, and match with everything. However, there are so many beautiful colors to pick from, and these days wedding florists are finding unique new ways to arrange wedding flowers. One unique wedding flower trend is decorating a cupcake tower with flowers as if it were a wedding cake. This option is cheaper than a traditional wedding cake, can expand your choices of unique wedding flowers, and is delicious for guests of all ages. Unique wedding flowers can transform a time- tried traditions like the unity candle into your own. This year, another hot trend for unique wedding flower arrangements is purchasing seasonal arrangements with fresh, fragrant flowers grown with love and harvested by hand by a local farmer or designer with whom they have a personal connection. This trend is starting to grow especially among eco – conscious couples and studio florists. Why not contribute to sustainable and effective agricultural practices while receiving a beautifully fresh bouquet as well? It is a win- win situation.  

Choosing Seasonally Grown Wedding Flowers

Couples are increasingly turning to purchasing seasonally grown unique wedding flowers. Not only are they contributing to the community by supporting local florists, but they are also cheaper because they are easily obtainable in season. In addition, your unique wedding flowers can be purchased wholesale and incorporate the natural beauty of the season. Hiring a professional florist to assist with unique wedding flowers can ensure that you pick the right flowers for your personal style and for the visual aesthetic. This season will see brides choosing muted, moody and muddy hues. Monochromatic looks are in, with fewer ,ulticolored bouquets in bright or contrasting colors. Shades like dusty rose, milky coffee, champagne, apricot and moonstone will be the look of the season! Incorporate your dress designer’s experience to create your best look.

Your Bridal Bouquet

The bouquet that you carry down the aisle will be captured in every picture and memory of your wedding. It represents your personal style and elegance, and can enhance your overall outfit and aesthetic. The goal of a bouquet is to emphasize your natural beauty, and there are a multitude of styles to choose… from romantic, cascading bouquets to simple hand-tied arrangements, the choices are endless. Choosing unique wedding flower arrangements or designs can complement your outfit beautifully, and your florist and dress designer can work together to ensure the harmony of colors and styles.

Form a Vision

What type of wedding do you envision? Are you a minimalist, do you prefer black – and – white, simple cut out designs? Or do you see a grand wedding with Gastby – esque proportions? It is essential to do research to ensure that you know your preferred color scheme, your visual aesthetic, the lighting situation, and other critical wedding planning elements. Feel free to search up examples of how you’d like your wedding to look, or even make a vision board with magazine clip outs! Understanding the overall look of your wedding can make the process of choosing a unique wedding flower arrangement easier.

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