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Bouquet of Flower vs. Potted Plant: Which is a Better Gift?
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Bouquet of Flower vs. Potted Plant: Which is a Better Gift?

Are you thinking about purchasing a gift for your loved one on a special occasion? If so, you won’t go wrong by buying a flower gift for him or her. When it comes to flower gift, you have to options: buy a potted plant or bouquet of flowers. Both of them can turn out to be a good gift for that someone special. However, in most cases buying a bouquet of flowers for someone special can make a greater impression as compared to a potted plant.

Here are some of the reasons why a bouquet of flowers bought from a florist shop is a better option as compared to a potted plant to give to someone special.

Reasons Why a Bouquet of Flowers is the Best Gift

Constant Care

Most plants need a lot of care and attention.  The plant needs to be watered every day and put near the sunlight. They require regular feeding, trimming, watering, and moving in and outside. There are many other things required for taking care of the potted plant.

Also, a potted plant also creates a lot of mess. The water that overflows from the pot can create a mess in the kitchen. In short, you’ll be imposing additional work and responsibility, the effort required in taking care of the potted plant, on the recipient.

While the potted plant lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers bought from a flower company, the hassles involved in taking care of the plant make it an inferior gift as compared to the bouquet of flowers.

Is The Gift For An Gardener

Unless the person that you want to give a gift is an avid gardener, it’s best that you avoid giving potted plants as gift during for the special occasion. A bouquet of flowers bought from a professional flower company is a timeless gift that is sure to bring a smile on the face of the recipient.

Florist shops make flower gift of elaborate and unique flower arrangements. With minimum care, the flowers can last for up to two weeks. What’s best about giving a flower gifts to someone is that they look visually appealing.

A Flowers Symbol

A flower is the symbol of perfect beauty that makes a positive visual impression. Many studies have found that when people are given a flower gift, the positive impression tends to reverberate for days. It is a great gift to cheer up the person that you love.

Flowertoy is a unique florist shop that provides flower gifts of elaborate flower arrangements. We have a team of talented and creative floral experts who can design a personalized flower gift for any occasion. If want to know more about the wonderful flower gifts offered at the florist shop , you can contact us by calling 561-445-6886.

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