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Best Occasions To Give Flower Arrangements
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Best Occasions To Give Flower Arrangements

Do you smell the sweetness in the air? Do you hear the birds chirping? Ahh, its Spring again. The season of rebirth, love and renewal. This season, make sure you stock up on flowers to celebrate all your spring celebrations! As time goes on it becomes more precious- make sure to celebrate the lightness and sprightly nature of Spring every year.  

However, it can be difficult to keep up with all the different celebrations in Spring, so this article makes it easy.

Easter - April 20th

With Easter a month away, it is time to prepare for the holidays! Avoid the plain Easter Lilies and find a creative and in – season unique flower arrangement from your local florist. Bring something different and unique to the party!

By stopping by your local florists’ shop instead of a big box store, you can find unique flower arrangements to delight your hosts or guests. This season, find decorated Easter unique flower arrangements with willows, Easter ribbons, and other spring items like Styrofoam Easter eggs.

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We have Petal Pals for every occasion! If you’d like something customized, just request it on the arrangement page!

Many your flower arrangement unique and different while supporting your local florists and community. This season, bright, muted and complementary color schemes are in style. Find yourself a bouquet with vanilla white, cocoa brown and nude color schemes embellished with Easter garnish! Maybe a few colorful wrapped chocolate eggs, and it’s a wrap. Enjoy the look on your guests’ faces when you have the most unique flower arrangement in the house!

Administrator Professional Week
April 21 – 25

I bet half of you reading this didn’t know this was a holiday! It is a bit different than other holdays such as Easter, but it is nevertheless a week for apprecation of your co workers, bosses and employees. This is a perfect occasion for gifting/ presenting unique floral arrangements.

Picture inviting your boss over for a nice family dinner. She walks in and you hand the unique flower arrangement to her, she smells the sweet scent, the colors astonish her. The night goes smoothly, and your promotion is in order!

What would you do without your unique flower arrangement?

The best flowers for gifting in a professional setting include a bouquet and a small note of appreciation, with a reminder that it is a holiday, lest there be any confusion. Choosing seasonal flowers from your local florist is the best way to ensure that your card and flower are unique and different.

Teacher’s Appreciation Week May 5 – 9th

Teacher’s Appreciation Week is a great way to show your appreciation towards our hardworking teachers. Depending on where you live, it may be a good idea to gift your child’s teacher or your college professor with a small gift, like a unique floral arrangement. A small and colorful bouquet along with a small vase would be a wonderful and decorative addition to the classroom, and can help brighten your teacher’s day. Another idea is to join forces with other parents and come together to purchase a large bouquet or planter for the classroom. There are so many ways to show your appreciation, and a unique floral arrangement is seasonally perfect.

End of Year Celebrations!

With the end of the Spring semester coming close, there are countless elementary school, middle school, high school and college graduation going on, introducing many chances to present a beautiful and unique flower arrangement. With graduations, it is important to be as extravagant and congratulatory as possible, and what better way to do so than with a massive unique flower arrangement? With a big bouquet of colorful and fresh flowers, you can’t go wrong. Delight even the teenagers with a simple bouquet to hold in graduation pictures with family and friends.   

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