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Best Flower Arrangement Tips for a Wedding in Spring

Best Flower Arrangement Tips for a Wedding in Spring

The French artist Claude Monet who is considered the founder of French Impressionist painting had once remarked, “I must have flowers always and always!”

Indeed, life becomes more beautiful with flowers. They are the embodiment of perfect beauty. Not many things on the earth can compare with flowers when it comes to magnificence, splendor, and charm.  

For most Americans, flower is a necessary part of the wedding budget. It’s important that the flower arrangements perfectly match not just the mood of the occasion, but the season as well. You should check our best flower arrangement ideas to get inspiration for corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces for a wedding event held during the spring season.

Vibrant and Cheery Flower Combination

One great flower arrangement idea to create the perfect spring season bouquet includes vibrant and cheery gerbera daisies. The flower can be surrounded by a number of different flowers including snapdragons, stargazer lilies, alstroemeria, and chrysanthemums. The beautiful flower arrangement exudes optimism and cheerfulness making it perfect for wedding season in the spring season. The great variation in the colors reminds about a blooming garden in the spring season.   

Rosy Flower Idea to Cheer the Guests

Another appropriate flower arrangement idea for the spring season includes a combination of alstroemeria, liatris, and hydrangea. You can add roses in shades of royal purple and rose to create the perfect vibrant effect that will cheer up all the guests for sure.  

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Vibrant and Dramatic Flower Combination

For a more dramatic flower arrangement, you can combine lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, and asters. The flower arrangement serves as a great treat to the eyes during the wedding season. They can add a vibrant touch to the overall decor of the place.  

Mason Floral Jar

You must think beyond the tables when it comes to decorating a place for the wedding. While Mason Jars are generally used for preserving food, you can also hang them from the windows after filling with beautiful flowers. Some flower arrangement ideas for the Mason floral jar include carnations, spray roses, asters, and chrysanthemums.

Flower Idea for Elegant Corsages

If you want to add an extra elegant touch for the wrist corsages, you can try a blend of pink roses and white daisies. Decorated with a pretty ribbon, the corsage will be a perfect gesture to brighten the day for special someone.  

Centerpieces Flower Idea

A good flower arrangement idea for the table centerpiece include mixing chrysanthemums, white daisy, and spray roses. Place the flowers in a glass vase and decorate with a ribbon to add a graceful touch.

Bright and Lively Flower Combination

A vibrant and bright flower arrangement idea includes accenting white and yellow daisies with green leaves. The flower idea is perfect for sprucing up the wedding area due to the alluring fragrance and vivid color contrasts. The flower arrangement is sure to bring a smile on the face of the recipient.

Flower Combination to Boost Mood

A perfect choice to perk up the mood of the guests includes a combination of amaryllis, freesia, dahlias, and peonies. For an even more colorful and appealing flower arrangement, you sweet peas, hyacinth, orchids, tulips, and zinnias. The flower combination will brighten up the overall mood at the place and leave an enduring impression on the guests.   

Radiant Beauty of the Spring

A flower arrangement that perfectly captures the radiant beauty of the spring includes yellow colored chrysanthemums, orange tone roses, and Viking daisies. The flower combination when mixed with oak leaves literally brings the spring right inside the wedding area.  

Romantic and Elegant Flower Idea

If you are looking for a romantic flower arrangement, you would go no wrong by adding ivy, boxwood, and maidenhair fern. For a more dramatic effect, you can cover the entire ceiling with the flower combination. Also, add more intrigue by hanging clear glass terrariums, flower spray, and bundles of olive branches.

The above flower arrangements can spruce up the overall decor of the wedding place creating a brilliant impression on the others. Apart from bouquet flower arrangements, you should also consider placing unique flower gifts at the center table.  

Unique Flower Gift

For a unique wedding gift idea that needs no wrapping, you should contact Flowertoy. The wedding gifts made by the talented floral artists of the company can add a touch of elegance and grace to the wedding event.  

What’s so unique about the Flowertoy’s special occasion presents is that every wedding gift is personalized according to the requirements of the individual. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to ordering a unique flower gift.

The wedding gift is made using a combination of different flowers. You can order a unique flower gift of your own design and preferences. The floral artist will use flowers that are specified by you for the wedding gift.  

Using a one-of-a-kind process, all the wedding gifts are hand made using fresh selection of flowers. You will receive an artful unique flower gift that is hand crafted to perfection. You will be able to dazzle your audiences and delight them with the unique flower gift made by the talented and creative artists at Flowertoy.

The beautiful and elegant unique flower gifts are made for different occasions and seasons. With proper care, these flower presents can last for up to 10 days. They are mostly made from Chrysanthemums, but you can specify a flower combination of your own preferences. In case a particular flower is not available, the artists can replace it with one that will look equally pleasing.  

To design a present with custom flower arrangements, you can send a message to the flower artists. They can make a beautiful flower present for the wedding day and customized to the specific season for you. It’s recommended that you make an order for the flower present about one day in advance. Once the order for a flower present is given, the flower artist will hand craft the gift with precision to make sure that it looks great. For more information about the beautiful flower combination ideas for the wedding event in the spring season you can contact us by dialing 561-445-6886.  

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