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Are You A Good Gifter

Are You A Good Gifter

When it comes to the people we love financial generosity. Giving can feel good, it can also create the feeling of uneasiness if you are on the repeatedly at he given end of the stick, or if the gift the gift given is one that you can’t match in value. Studies have proven that people dislike extreme selflessness as much as they dislike selfishness.

Over-givers use gift giving to keep and gain friends, they think that by being overly generous you will be liked. Givers that constantly put others ahead themselves stories of skipping a family funeral to work, for fear of letting down her boss. People pleasers are afraid of disappointing others, to the point where they neglect their own needs.

Examine Why You Are Gifting

Why are you giving so much? What do you hope to gain? Are you giving to preserve your friendships? If so, you might want to re-evaluate. Odds are, the people in your life will love you just as much without the lavish gifts.

The Effects Of Over Gifting

When you start to pay every bill every time you meet up with a particular friend, or worse, loaning friends and relatives bigger amounts of money, your friendship will strain even if your intentions started off good.  

The person who receives can feel indebted or inferior; and the person who gives could hold that over the other person’s head. If you go to you and ask for money, it may help out, but it could also make you feel irresponsible, reckless or inferior because you had to ask. Money isn’t the only issue—in the case of a friend who constantly picks up the tab or presents you with tokens, ask yourself: Would you still be friends with them were that to change? If you feel like you owe them friendship in return for their gifts, it’s a problem.

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