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8 Totally Unique and Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

8 Totally Unique and Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is hosted to celebrate the arrival of a baby. In some cultures, a baby shower is held to celebrate the transformation of women into a mother. In a baby shower, relatives, friends, or coworkers shower the parents of the new baby with gifts.

While you can give any run-of-the-mill-gift bought from a store, but if your goal is to make the most heartfelt impression, it is better you buy a one-of-a-kind custom made gift. In this article, we will share  eight unique handmade presents that will be perfect for the baby shower.

1. DIY Mobile Feathers

Making mobile feathers is both inexpensive and easy to make, useful, and will make a good impression on the parents. The gift will entertain the baby when the parent is putting their tot to sleep or changing the diaper.

To make a mobile feather gift, you should buy the feathers online. You can find colorful feathers on Amazon for about $6 a pair. Next you should buy a hoop. Again, you can find many different types of hoops at Amazon just under $10.


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Afterwards, you should get a fishing or crafting wire. Tie the wire around the hook of the feathers and then hang them from the hoop. You should cut off excess wire if required. Consider tying at least six lengths of wire to the hoop. You can adjust the height according to your preference.

Present the DIY mobile feather gift and watch the smile on the face of the parent. The gift can be hung from the ceiling or clipped into the baby’s crib.

2. Custom Made Jellyfish Toy

Another creative gift idea is to create a crunchy jellyfish that will make a cracking sound when the baby scrunches it. Making the jellyfish toy is simple and easy. The materials that you will need to make the personalized gift include: a piece of paper, a scrap of felt, fabric, embroidery thread, stuffing, crackly plastic, and ribbon.

You will also require a sewing needing, sharp scissors, stuffing stick, and embroidery needle to make the custom made gift. Here is a custom step-by-step instruction on how to make the jellyfish toy for the baby shower. The handmade gift will make a great impression on the parents, and who knows even receive thank-you note from them for making the baby happy.

3. Moving Cards for the New Baby

A deck of colorful moving cards is a great gift for the new parents. You can create present Tiny Print gift cards to the new mom and dad as they announce the arrival of the new baby to others. The best thing about creating these cards is that you can design a unique custom card according to your exact requirements. There are many options to design the right card announcing the new baby arrival. You have the freedom to select the style including vintage, classic, and contemporary.

4. Personalized Flash Cards

Another beautiful gift for the baby shower is a flash card that is customized using the photos of the little baby and the family. You can laminate the flash cards so that they survive if the baby decides to munch on them! You can learn about creating personalized cards by clicking here.

5. Super Hero Personalized Fleece Blanket

A great unique gift idea is presenting a personalized baby blanket decorated with symbols of superheroes such as superman, batman, and super girl. The blanket can be customized to add the name of the baby. You can buy the gift on eBay for about $10. The cuddly blanket can be rolled and tied when not in use.  

6. Dad Themed Diaper Bags

Most new dads detest having anything to do with changing diapers. However, no one could get away from carrying bags containing extra diapers and clothing when outside. Fortunately, companies such as Dadgear and Diaper Dude have designed diaper bags that are male themed and stylish as well. Giving this gift during the baby shower is both quirky and fun, and a great way to help the father be prepared for baby related chores.

7. Customized Toys

eBay is a wonderful location for buying personalized gifts for the baby shower. You can visit the Handcrafted and Finished Pieces section of the site to find many different customized baby toys. From custom made cross stitch to handmade art quilt, you can find a lot of fabulous handmade presents for the occasion.  

Gifts Made of Elaborate Flower Arrangements

Flowers are the perfect gift for celebrating just about any occasion. They can also be given to the new mom and dad. However, you should not just present a bouquet of flowers to the parents. A unique twist to the flower gift is a flower toy made of beautiful flower arrangements.  The flower toy can be in the form of any cute thing that you can imagine. They are made by expert florists who can arrange flowers in different manners.

Flowertoy sells unique flower toys made of beautiful flower arrangements. You can custom design your own gift or browse through the extensive catalog of baby shower flower toy gifts online. The gifts can be as simple and complex as you require. You can custom order a big or small flower toy for the new mom and dad. Also, you have the freedom to choose your own type of flowers for creating the toy.

Giving the flower toy to the new parents can create a profound impression. The flower gift will stand out from the crowd and convey the message of the extra length you have gone to presenting something unique to the new mom and dad. For more information on custom made flower gifts, you can call 561-445-6886 or leave a message at

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