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8 Occasions Befitting Bouquets

8 Occasions Befitting Bouquets

Nature has its own language which is not spoken in words but can still communicate at lengths and cover every emotion that humans show through words or actions.

Flowers, for instance, have been used to express human emotions since forever. Bouquet of flowers crafted in different manners can convey different emotions. Florist shops and flower companies have made it this art form even more customized.

We will now discuss how different bouquets of flowers will be appropriate for different occasions and moments.


A wedding is a very special occasion in one’s life and the bride and groom love to remember even the minute details about it. So your bouquet of flowers should be made of the best flowers available and you should especially ask for that from your florist shop. The bouquet flowers should give off a feeling of togetherness and romance. Roses, Tulips, and Daisies are some of the best flowers which can be used to make bouquets for this occasion.

Special Celebratory Occasions

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These events include anniversaries, promotions, birthdays etc. The bouquets of flowers, which are used in these instances, should be happily colorful which will convey that you are happy for the ones who are celebrating these moments. A good florist or flower company can give you advice regarding this type of bouquet so make sure to get the services of professionals for your aid.

Birth of a Baby or Wishes For A Patient’s Recovery

Although both are very contrasting events, but the set of emotions you can find in both cases is very similar. The feeling of rejuvenation, gratitude and being blessed are the basic emotion in both of these events. So ask the florist shop to make you a bouquet of flowers which emit freshness even with their fragrance (like Jasmine or Lilacs).

For Condolence

That is the abstract beauty of flowers that they can be used to convey the emotions of sorrow as well. For condolences of the deceased, there are some options which are considered best for this occasion. White lilies, white roses or orchids, or any other flower draped in white is appropriate for the bouquet of flowers put on the grave or to give to the grieving loved ones. Your florist shop can give you more options regarding this occasion.

For Forgiveness and Apology

Complement your word with a bouquet of flowers in case of asking for forgiveness or when giving an apology. It will definitely add more weight to your intent. Flowers have this ability to get people’s bad moods on track. Very bright colors are not advisable in making a bouquet of flowers for the mentioned situations. Subtlety works best. Florist shops can be very helpful in recommending you the type of bouquet flowers you need to support your apology.

No matter what the occasion is, your flower company and florist will definitely help you in making the right decision. Looking for a unique option? FlowerToy is the best florist shop in town where seasoned florists will make you a customized gift of flowers according to the occasion. You can contact us at 561-445-6886.

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