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8 Great Adult Custom Made Gift Ideas for the Easter

8 Great Adult Custom Made Gift Ideas for the Easter

Easter event is just around the corner. A good Easter gift need not be overloaded with sugar. You can create a good impression by giving custom made gifts that are not defined by the chocolate content. Here are eight elegant personalized gift ideas that can bring a smile on the faces of the recipients this Easter.

1. Plastic Eggs Gift

No Easter is complete without eggs. You will need to buy dozens of egg to place in the gift basket. More than likely, this would mean dozens of eggs will be wasted. However, you can save the waste by buying plastic eggs instead of real eggs. No one really cares anyway whether you buy a real or a plastic egg anyway. You can still impress other but less mess and a waste of food. The eggs can be filled with a quarter of dime or little candy. What’s more, you can re-use the plastic eggs next Easter. This means less wasted food, as well as less wasted money.

2. Takeout Boxes filled with Dollar Coins

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Takeout boxes filled with dollar coins can be a perfect custom made gift ideas for the teens and tweens. Find spring colored boxes in the local supply store and cover with polka dots. You can do this by sticking round stickers on the box. Place dollar coins in the boxes and hand out to kids, and watch their faces lit up upon receiving the gift.

3. Edible Easter Basket

Another great personalized gift idea is to make an edible Easter basket made of rice cereal bowl. You can find recipes for rice cereal treats online. Place the warm treats against the inside of the bowl. Next, cover the bowl in wax paper. Let it cool and then remove the paper once hardened. You can fill the
Easter basket with marshmallow bunnies, chicks, and edible grass.

4. Custom Made Wooden Crate for Adults

The kids are not the only ones that can have all the fun during Easter. You can make personalized unique gifts for your older kids as well. Just spray paint an old wooden crate in any color you desire. Next let it dry and then attach a custom made pennant banner. You can make the banner by cutting triangles from the black scrapbook paper or cardstock. Next, write a letter on the triangle using a chalkboard pen.

You can glue the pennant to a strand of baker’s twine. This twine can be tied or glued to the wooden crate. Fill the custom made wooden crate with adult gifts like glasses, pendants, jewelry items, or watches to give to relatives, friends, or neighbors.

5. Easter Egg Bouquet

Easter egg bouquet is a great idea for children of all ages. You can have the basket filled with elaborate flower arrangements in the form of Easter eggs or any other items. Your mind is the limit when it comes to designing the Easter egg bouquet. Flowertoy offers the unique services of arranging flowers in different patterns. The Easter egg bouquet can make a heartfelt impression on the recipient who will be touched by your extra effort for presenting them with a custom made gift.

6. Muffin Tin Wheatgrass Easter Egg Basket

A great creative gift idea for the Easter is giving a muffin tin wheatgrass egg basket. To create the basket, you should soak seeds overnight. Next, sprout the seeds in a jar for the next 24 hours. Afterwards, you should fill the muffin tin cups with potting soil, and plant the seed on the soil until the short tail is visible. The seeds should be kept wet by covering them with a linen cloth.  

Rinse the seeds well for the first three days. The muffin tin should be watered daily once in the morning and once in the night. Keep the tin covered to prevent the seeds from drying out. The gift can offer a great impression on the recipient who will be touched by the extra effort you have made in creating the gift.

7. Fruit Box Easter Basket

You can transform a berry box obtained from a grocery store into a great Easter egg gift basket. To make the fruit box, you should apply all-in-one glue to the top edge of the box. Next, sprinkle glitter on top of the box. Shake the box to remove glitter and let it dry. You can attach a ribbon handle on the Easter basket and place the glittered box in a cluster as a centerpiece.

8. Felt Basket Idea

A great gift idea is to make a special basket made for the mister or the miss using felt. Just attach a bow to the front of the basket and use a free printed bow and tie patterns. Full instructions on how to make the unique personalized gift can be found here.

The above are just some of the most creative gift ideas for the Easter party. Remember that celebrating Easter is not just about the gifts. It’s about sharing the joy and love of life with others. The more effort you make in creating a unique gift, the more heartfelt impression it will make on others. If you want to turn the frown on your kid upside down this Easter, you should consider giving the custom made gifts mentioned in this article.

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