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7 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Ideas

7 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Ideas

A wedding is a special occasion that deserves unique gifts created for the couple. You should purchase a wedding gift that will be cherished for a long time by the couples.  However, finding a wedding unique gift can be a challenge.

If you know where to look, you can find different types of unique wedding gifts for the bride and the groom. In order to make the task easier for you, we have compiled for you 7 great wedding gifts ideas that can make a heartfelt impression on the recipients.

1. Engraved Coffee/Tea Mug

 A simple wedding gift idea that won’t have you burn a hole in the pockets is a coffee or tea mug that is engraved with a custom message. You can also order a custom mug with a memorable photo printed on the outside. There are a lot of online companies that can custom print the mug according to your specifications. Imagine the couple starting the day by sipping tea or coffee from the customized mug.


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 It would remind them of your thoughtfulness in presenting a unique gift for them. The mug can be customized by adding a simple Mr and Mrs, a wedding date, or a funny punch line. You can let your imagination soar when it comes to a custom designing the mug.

2. Unique Keepsake Box

Another great wedding gift idea is a keepsake box. You can have the keepsake box customized with different items that will be treasured by the bride and groom. The box will remind them of your care and consideration in bringing a smile to their faces through the gift.

A number of online design companies that sell beautiful wood box containing an engraving on the lid and a latch to secure the box.  You can customize the keepsake box in several ways.

Sprinkle confetti on top of the box, engrave the lid with the things like the wedding date and name of the bride and groom or add a brochure mentioning the place where they tied the knot or a pressed flower that you had plucked from a bouquet at the wedding event. Also, you can order the design company to print your favorite quote inside the box or personal message of congratulation.

3. Creative Gift with Elaborate Flower Arrangements

A flower is the true representation of trust, conviction, and love. A thing of beauty is admired by everyone. You can make the best impression on the bride and groom by presenting them with a unique flower gift.

At Flowertoy, we specialize in custom made presents that are made with beautiful flower arrangements. You can search for a flower gift by browsing through the online catalog. Also, you can order a personalized flower gift by specifying your preferences regarding the design and custom message. The talented artist at the Flowertoy will take care of the rest.

You can have the custom made flower gift engraved with their married name, a funny quote, or the date of the wedding day. The opportunities are limitless when it comes to customizing the flower gift. Opt for red and white color flowers as a wedding gift. For an extra special touch, you should have the gift packaged in a beautiful customized box containing a custom message or picture.

4. Customized Jewelry

You should also consider giving the newly married couple a necklace, pendant, ring, or other items of jewelry. No need to buy gold, silver, or diamond jewelry. Instead, you should gift them a unique customized artificial jewelry.

You can search at Etsy for designers that sell beautiful custom made jewelry. The jewelry items can be engraved with the initials or a logo. The jewelry item will remain with the couple for a long time reminding them of your thoughtful consideration in offering them the gift.

5. Wedding Gift Basket

Gift baskets serve as a great present for different occasions. Search for gift baskets that are suitable for food and non-food gift items. You can add chocolate and cheese, unique flower gift, and bath and body products in the gift baskets. If the couples are coffeeholic, you can add different blends of coffee and put them in the gift box.

To add a more personal touch, you should buy a custom made basket and fill it with different things. Again you can turn to Etsy to find different types of customized gift baskets. The boxes can be customized by adding an engraving on the lid of the gift box. The couples will be touched by your thought and consideration in presenting them with a personalized gift basket that contains lots of lovely gift items.

6. Beautiful Plant Collection

You can gift the newlywed couples with beautiful terrariums. Making them is not that hard. Just pick a fish bowl, select plants, and add soil and organic fertilizer spikes to create the perfect gift. The plants you select for the terrariums should have little water and light requirements. Good candidates for the terrarium include succulents and cacti as they can survive for days without water.

7. Custom Made Folded Book

Lastly, you can give a custom made folded book art-book origami to the couples. Made by the talented artist Meiorigami, the book serves as a creative present that the happy couple can cherish for a long time. The book is custom made by the designer featuring artistic origami style initials. The couples will be impressed by your thoughtful consideration in presenting them with such a creative gift.

Most of the gifts listed above won’t burn your pockets. Whatever the taste of the bride and groom, you can make a heartfelt impression by giving them the gifts listed in the article. The couples will be truly touched by the effort you had made in finding a unique handmade present for them.

For more information on creative gifts made of beautiful flower arrangements for the couples you can call Flowertoy at 561-445-6886 or send a message at

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