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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Bouquet Flowers

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Bouquet Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift for special occasions. The feelings aroused by the smell and the beauty of the flowers cannot be expressed in words.  Giving a bouquet of flowers crafted by an expert florist will make the perfect impression on the recipient.  

A bouquet of flower that is bought from a florist shop can look beautiful and fresh for weeks. However, you need to take proper care to ensure that they last for a long time. The tips mentioned in this article will prove invaluable whether you have received a flower gift from someone, or you want to advise the recipient on how to make them last a little bit longer.  

1. The Ideal Location for the Flower

While potted plants need to be placed near the sunlight, the case for a bouquet of flower is different. Exposure to direct sunlight can make the flowers wilt quickly after purchasing them from a florist shop.

Apart from avoiding direct sunlight exposure, you should avoid putting the flowers bought from a florist shop near fruits. Most fruits such as peaches, bananas, avocados, and others emit a gas known as ethylene that can make the flowers wilt faster. To ensure that the flowers purchased from a florist shop remain fresh for days, you should avoid putting them near the fruits.  

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2. Prepare the Vase Properly

Another advice to extend the life of the bouquet flowers purchased from a florist shop is to properly prepare the vase. Before putting the flowers inside the vase, it’s important to wash it with warm soapy water. This will remove bacteria and dust from the vase. Next, you should fill the vase with three-fourth water and then add the flowers.

3. Trim the Stems

Another advice to keep the flowers from a florist shop look best for days is to trim about one or two inches off the stem. Do not use a scissor as it could damage the stem. Instead, you should use a sharp floral knife to cut the stem on a slant. You should consider trimming an additional one-half inch ever other day. This can ensure that the wonderful gift from a florist shop looks great for weeks.

4. Add Crushed Aspirin

Aspirins are not just beneficial for relieving a headache; they are great for the flowers as well. Adding crushed aspirin to the vase containing flowers bought from a flower company can also extend the life of the flowers.

5. Regularly Change Water

The last tip that can help to extend the life of the flowers you have received is to change the water regularly. You should also consider cleaning the vase thoroughly after throwing away the water.  

Following the above tips can help ensure that the flowers look great for days. The flowers will look beautiful and fresh for up to two weeks by following the advice mentioned here. If you want to order personalized flower gift for your loved one, you can contact Flowertoy by dialing 561-445-6886.

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