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4 Tips to Save Cost on Wedding Flowers for You

4 Tips to Save Cost on Wedding Flowers for You

Are you planning beautiful flowers for your wedding day but finding it difficult to stay within the budget? If so, you are not alone facing this problem. The average cost of flowers ordered from a flower company for the wedding day tends to be around $2,140. This represents about 7 percent of the total wedding costs. For some people the costs of ordering flower from a florist shop exceeds $5,000.

Fortunately there are many ways you can save on cost of delivery flowers ordered from a florist shop. From opting for a unique flower arrangement to saving on bouquets, here are some of the ways you can have a floral-filled wedding day without breaking the bank account.

Cut Cost on Centerpieces

Centerpieces are generally the most costly item. The cost of delivery flowers can range between $20 to $250.  You can cut the cost in half or even more by a number of ways. Consider smaller arrangements or bud vases to save cost. You can also consider using the bridesmaid bouquets for the centerpiece.  They mostly go unused after the wedding ceremony and the pictures. You can give a new life to the flowers by arranging the bouquet flowers in small mason jars or vases of the centerpieces.

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Stay Seasonal and Local

Buying local delivery flowers bought from a florist shop will guarantee the freshest blooms. They will also cost less than ordering exotic flowers from the flower company. Cost effective flowers for the wedding include calla lilies, roses, and orchids that are available year-round.

Also, the cost of tulips from Holland or magnolia from London doesn’t come cheap. If you buy from a local flower company, you will save cost of transportation as well.

Discuss the Budget with the Florist

Another important tip to save cost on wedding flowers bought from a flower company is to talk to your florist. Consider realign your budget for the wedding with the florist. Give as many guidelines as necessary to ensure that the wedding flowers remain within the budget. Consider handing over the creative decision about the wedding flowers to your florist to get the best flowers for the wedding as well. Make suggestions based on palette or style, but let your florist select the best flowers that makes the most sense for your bottom line, and look good as well.

Select the Stems that Fits the Budget

The last tip to save on cost of wedding flowers is to trade expensive flowers for more affordable varieties. For instance, you can trade peonies for roses to save on wedding flowers. Consider letting the florist of the flower company make the decision for you regarding the best stems that meets your budget.

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