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4 Emotions Flowers Can Help Express

4 Emotions Flowers Can Help Express

Flowers can become a catalyst for mood changes and better behaviors. Such is the power of this gift of nature which comes in different beautiful shapes, colors, sizes and fragrances. The presence of flowers around people has a positive impact on their disposition. There are different emotions and feelings which are conveyed and grow in the presence of the best flowers.

We will discuss here some of the emotions and feelings which can be credited to the gifting of different flowers so that if you want to rejuvenate those emotions, you will have an idea of how it can be achieved by using one of the best flowers used for any particular emotion.

Feeling of Care

Yes, a bunch of flowers or a bouquet can induce the feeling of care and empathy. Flowers with soft and light colors with understated sublime smells can be used to inflict these feelings. The best flowers for these emotions are pale yellow tulips, light green carnations and lavenders. These flowers or their bouquets are easily available at flower shops and they can be given to someone who will feel good and better with their presence, like sick or grieving loved ones, or a mother welcoming a new child.

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Feeling of Calmness & Relaxation

The flowers which are in line with the colors of nature spark the feeling of serenity and calmness. Here, the color of nature means different shades of blue and green resembling the nature’s biggest color pallets of the sky and the sea. Hydrangea, light blue Larkspur and different types of lavenders could be the best flowers to enhance these feelings. You can arrange these flowers in your living room or bedroom to get the vibes of tranquility after your hectic day.

Feeling of Passion & Romance

The emotions of intimacy, passion and romance are best expressed through the variants of red color. These variants could be pink, maroon, magenta etc. Red roses, light pink roses, blush tulips and lavenders again, are some of the best flowers to make bouquets and flower arrangements for this type of emotional expression. You can ask any flower shop and florist to make you a bouquet out of these flowers. A seasoned florist can also suggest some of the other best flowers for romantic gestures.

Feeling of Lightheartedness

Flowers with bright colors and a similar tinge are considered the best to create a playful and lighthearted ambiance. Flowers with shades of orange, yellow and golden colors can be used to make these types of flower arrangements. Any professional florist will guide you about the best type of flowers to be used for places where you need positive vibes to get motivated.

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