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4 Easy Tips For A Flower Themed Party

4 Easy Tips For A Flower Themed Party

When people host any gathering or party, they become very conscious about its theme and reasonably so, because the theme and tone of the party tell a lot about the likes and dislikes of the host.

Keeping this in mind, if you love nature and want to bring it into your event celebrations, then we have some ideas for you to throw a flower-themed party so that you not only depict your love for the best flowers but also ensure that your party venue looks spectacular.


Choose your favorite colors

First of all, you need to pick your favorite colors. Choose two or three colors and these colors should get along well in contrast with each other. Then try to get the best flowers in these colors from a flower store. Try to match your colors with the weather i.e. if you are hosting a party in the summers, try to use light colors. You can get these flowers by placing an online order with any florist shop.


Plan around a main flower

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When your decoration is flower based, there has to be some flower which should look central to the decoration theme. This means that if there are several arrays and bunches of flower used in decoration; this main flower should be repeated in every individual design. Choosing this one flower can be tricky, but try to get one from the best flowers available in the given season. A good florist can also help you with picking the best flower.

Complement blooms with greenery

Remember that only the abundance of different colors and shapes through flowers will not make your decoration look perfect. You have to balance it out by using some greens which are easily available at flower stores. The base of your decoration should be made with greens. Sometimes, even the best flowers can’t turn out looking like the way you want them to, so complementing them with green stems and leaves can give you some unique flower arrangements.

Fill the gaps

Once you are done with your decoration, look around and see if there are any gaps to be filled. You can use small diameter flowers for that. Flower stores have these types of flowers which are used specifically for this purpose.

Flower-based favors

After the decorations, you can extend this flower theme to the invited guests by making some small bouquets for them and if you are short on time, you can order them online. There are many flower stores who will facilitate you with this.

There is another small present you can offer to your guests of bracelets made of the best flowers. Not only do they look beautiful, they also make your guests feel special since they are hand-made. These bracelets can be made by mounting some medium to small flowers on a wire which is easily available at any flower store.

Alternately, you can gift unique flower presents to your guests as party favors. If you are wondering how to get that for your flower-themed party, then you can contact FlowerToy. We are a flower company that can provide you with the best flowers available for your gift creations and you can also seek guidance from our seasoned florists. You can place your order online or call us at 561-445-6886.

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