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12 Unique Spring Trips Perfect For The Flower Lover

12 Unique Spring Trips Perfect For The Flower Lover

Where can I see beautiful spring flowers?

Do you like unique flower arrangements? Are flowers your weakness? Are you looking for spring trip ideas? Here are 12 unique spring locations where you can see beautiful flowers! From Tulips to botanical gardens and garden mazes, this list will provide various options for your next trip.


  1. Giverny, France

Just an hour outside of Paris, get close and personal with ponds that have inspired many talented artists in the past.

  1. Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

This is a great experience for both children and adults. The Desert Botanical Garden includes over 4,000 species of desert plants. Have you ever seen a prickly cactus? Well this is your perfect opportunity! This center promotes education, conservation and protection of the beautiful desert plants around the world.

  1. Hampton Court, London

One of the most beautiful of the U.K.’s royal palaces, Hampton Court Palace is actually reachable by boat from central London. London is also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This palace however, has beautiful flower gardens and a garden maze! Purchase a Flowertoy Flower arrangement here and remember your lovely spring trip to Hampton Court Palace every time you glance at it.

  1. Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms in D.C. will make you melt with their beauty!

Fun Fact: Tokyo actually gave these beautiful cherry trees to DC in the 1900’s, and they attract almost
half a million visitors each spring. With the Nations Cherry Blossom Festival from March 15th until April 16th, many people will be booking their trips to relax and enjoy the calming nature of DC.


Give a unique flower arrangement as a memory gift or souvenir of the trip to the Cherry Blossoms!


  1. Amsterdam

Keukenhof Gardens is located just outside of Amsterdam. It is one of the world’s most amazing flower gardens. There are a variety of activities to take part of in Keukenhof Gardens. Some of these are, a guided tour, a bike rental, a river cruise, etc. Netherlands is a great trip idea, because it is full of tulips, museums, is family friendly and pretty affordable.

  1. Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in Orlando

From now until May 17th, there will be beautiful gardens, similar to flowertoy, in the shape of Disney Characters. Make sure to check out the flowertoy website to see what shape of unique flower arrangements you’d like to keep in your home.

  1. Rose Festival in Portland Oregon

This festival includes two parades: A Starlight Parade with twinling floats and a Grand Floral Parade. This festival also includes a City Fair with concerts, food and rides as well. Enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfront. The festival also supports community leaders.

  1. Paris and Versailles

Paris and Versailles are meant to be seen in and out. Visit Paris in the spring time, visit the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay and visit the famous iconic Mona Lisa. Also, visit the Carrousel gardens and Tuileries, for color, paths and landscapes. Go see the famous Luxembourg Gardens and spend a day or two at Versailles.

  1. Kawachi Fujien, Japan

Kawachi Fujien has two wisteria tunnels, one more than 260 feet and another is 720 feet long. The magical looking tunnels have flowers that span from 20 different species. This tunnel is very graceful and colorful at the same time.

  1. Antelope Valley, California

The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is open sunrise to sunset daily year-round. The mosaic of colors changes daily. Witness hoe the state flower, the poppy, has sprouted up along the highways. It is located in northern Los Angeles County.

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina and Tennessee

The Wildflower national park has a diversity of wildflowers. The park actually holds an annual Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage, which is a week-long festival of guided walks and hikes. There are over 1,500 kinds of flowering plants that grow in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Here is a list of 30 different varieties of flowers that could be found at the Great Smoky Mountains:


  1. Spring Beauty
  2. Bloodroot
  3. Sharp-Lobed Hepatica
  4. Smooth Solomon’s Seal
  5. False Solomon’s Seal
  6. Foamflower
  7. Galax
  8. Bishop’s Cap
  9. White Trillium
  10. Catesby’s Trillium
  11. Painted Trillium
  12. Vasey’s Trillium
  13. Yellow Trillium
  14. Halberd Leaved Violets
  15. Trout-Lily
  16. Robin’s Plantain
  17. Wild Strawberry
  18. Fire Pink
  19. Columbine
  20. Crested Dwarf Iris
  21. Wild Geranium
  22. White Fringed Phacelia
  23. Purple Phacelia
  24. Snowy Orchis
  25. Dutchman’s Britches
  26. Squirrel Corn
  27. Bleeding Heart
  28. Blue Phlox
  29. Thyme-Leaved Bluets
  30. Jack-in-the-Plupit



  1. Namaqualand, South Africa

Annually in the months of August and September (but also sometimes in October), the beautiful spring wild flowers of South Africa amaze and delight. At the Namaqualand Flower Route there are a few things to do as a tourist. On the route you can go to the Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve, the Geogap Nature Reserve.


No matter where you go, purchasing a unique flower arrangement by Flowertoy is a great decision to make. This can be a way of remembering your trip whether you go to France, Phoenix, London, Paris, Versailles, DC, Amsterdam, Oregon, Orlando, Japan, California, or the Smoky Mountains.The memory will live on with you at your home or office. This is also a great gift or souvenir to give to your friends family or coworkers. In the shape of your choosing, they wont ever forget you or your amazing trip.


For more information visit our website at or you can inquire about Flowertoy by calling us at (561) 445-6886. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and creating your personalized unique flower bouquet, so you can remember your trip this spring!



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