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10 Tips to Cheer Someone Up Quickly

10 Tips to Cheer Someone Up Quickly

Life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes it can get pretty rough. There is nothing worse than seeing a loved one in emotional or physical pain. Follow the tips mentioned below to cheer someone up and make their day better.

1. Comfort Them

A simple hug can go a long way in making a person feel happy. The act has almost a magical effect on a person. It can help calm agitated nerves and cheer up the person. Check in before offering physical comfort whether it is appropriate or not. In case the person is not comfortable to physical touch, consider encouraging the person to cuddle with a pet. Animals can sense a person’s mood and can offer great comfort to people when they are feeling sad.

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2. Simply Lend an Ear

Not many people realize the importance of listening to someone whose having a bad day or a rough patch. Genuinely listening to someone has a therapeutic effect , and allows  them to get the pain out of their chests. It is one of the most effective things that you can do to cheer someone up. Active listening shows that you truly care that the person is heard.

Asking the right questions is a crucial aspect of active listening. You’re listening to understand. Furthermore, when it comes to listening, you should empathize instead of sympathize. Instead of saying, ‘I feel bad for you,’ say, ‘I understand the pain that you are going through due to the loss.’ This will make the person feel much better knowing that there is someone who understands and respect their feelings.

3. Have a Laugh Together

Laughter is the best medicine for all kind of ailments. You can help cheer up your near and dear by using puns, sarcasm, or other jokes. To paraphrase Charlie Chaplin, ‘nothing, not even pain lasts forever in this world.’ Cracking a smile can quickly put a break to the pain and make a person happy again.  

4. Buy a Custom Made Gift for the Person

Few things can cheer a person up more quickly than seeing his or her own name on a gift. You can buy different kinds of custom made gifts online. Consider giving creative gifts that can be personalized according to your preferences. Personalized and unique gift items that contain an engraving of the person’s name or a message such as ‘You are Great’ can quickly cheer them up.

5. Throw a Party

You don’t need to find a reason for throwing a surprise party for your loved one. You can throw a surprise party by inviting only those guests that can help cheer up the person. Make the person that you want to cheer up the star of the event by decorating the place with unique flower arrangements that will make a heartfelt impression on the person. You don’t have to spend a large sum on the party. A simple get together will be more than enough to make the person feel cared for, and that will cheer him or her up.  

6. Give a BuddyBox

If you are not sure how to cheer up a person, consider giving them a BuddyBox. It is a subscription-based service that sends out a box full of gifts every month to a person to help them fend off the depression. The content of the box are carefully selected to turn the frown on their face upside down. The unique gift items will help a person feel calm, relaxed, and pampered.  

7. Take the Person to a Dinner

You should consider taking your loved one to a dinner. Often people who feel gloomy turn down every invitation, preferring to wallow in their misery. You should stop the person from doing that by going over and ‘kidnap’ them from their pity party.  

8. Plan a Weekend Escape

If you have extra money to burn, or the person is extra special for you, consider taking the person to a weekend getaway. If you know that the person has experienced a great loss, sacrifice your weekend and take them on a special location such as a nearby beach, or mountain. This will quickly help your friend to get back on track.

9. Present a Funny Movie

Movies can be a great way to help the friend get the troubles off the mind. For a person that is feeling gloomy, comedy is the right genre to get over the blues. If the person prefers dry humor, give a Steve Carell or Will Ferrel movie. On the other hand, if the person likes slapstick comedy, you can’t go wrong with anything involving Leslie Nielsen and Chris Farley.

10. Give a Custom Made Flower Gift

Giving unique flower gift to your friend can also help cheer him or her up. A flower is the symbol of beauty and joy. They calm the nerves and ease the mind. However, instead of presenting a bouquet, you should consider presenting your loved one a flower toy gift made of elaborate flower arrangements.

Flowertoy has a team of talented floral artists who can custom design a flower gift for your loved one. Your imagination is the limit when ordering a custom made flower gift. You can have the floral artist use any type of flower to make almost any type of gift. The gifts can be in the form of a heart, emojis, letter, or a toy.

Show your loved one that you have not forgotten them during the time of crises by giving a unique flower gift and following other tips that are mentioned in this article. Just by showing the person that you are willing to go the extra mile to cheer him or her up can make a tremendous impact on the person.

But all said and done, helping another person to get out of the blues will fact help you bring a big smile in your inner heart. The inner happiness in making a person smile is worth the extra effort. If you want more information on custom handmade flower gifts, you can call 561-445-6886 or leave a message at  

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